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  1. gtirshark
    Breaking the Law
  2. Bora
  3. ytesotaze
  4. Beany113
    Beany113 stevepudney
    Hi Steve I'm also looking for a clutch pedal support bracket. If you could send me a message if your still doing then that would be awesome. Thanks!
  5. Beany113
    Beany113 STEVEN878
    Hi is the pulsar still for sale?? Please could I have a contact number??
    Many thanks
  6. RhiWalt28
    RhiWalt28 STEVEN878
    Hello I have commented on your post and started a conversation with you.
    Is Pulsar sfs?
    My partner can come and collect asap.
    Need a price please?
  7. Wes
    Fecking hate that coolant hard line behind the turbo! T**t!
  8. alphadrex
    alphadrex Johnny nofear

    Good to find another GTi-R owner relatively nearby. I noticed in your post you're using the Link G4+, I was in discussion with Cam at Lightspeed Innovation in Red Deer about switching to that same system. Can you tell me more about your setup? I'm looking to build a monster out of mine too. Welcome to the addiction. BTW, love to see more pics of the car.

  9. Shaztgo
    Shaztgo vss irvine
    Hey Buddy, heard you may have a stock gtir coming up for sale, i'd be interested if you do
  10. Iceicebaby
    Iceicebaby Wes
    Hi I had a look on Facebook can't find a daz card that lives local
  11. Iceicebaby
    Iceicebaby whytie
    Hi do you still have any pulsars for sale saw a old post said you had a high spec one you would sell
  12. Iceicebaby
    Iceicebaby Wes
    Hi m8 just got back from holiday did you find out anything on them pulsar. I've seen a pulsar parked on Warwick close now and again is that you
    1. Wes
      Hi Pal. The guy is on Fb. He is called Daz Carr. He knows all the details of the pulsar for sale. It may be him you have seen on Warwick close as he has friends over there.
      Apr 10, 2017
    2. Wes
      I have also asked him if I could pass his details to you and he said fine.
      Apr 10, 2017
  13. Garbs
    Garbs vss irvine
    Evening you have a gtir coming up for sale soon?
    Many thanks.
  14. Ronald sieuraj
    Ronald sieuraj Russkles
    Are the parts still available if so please contact me or pulsar pete
  15. Iceicebaby
    Iceicebaby Dangerous Dave
    Hi m8 petelesta recomended giving you a shout for advice on importing a pulsar
  16. Gtirfan
    Gtirfan vss irvine
    Heard you have a gtir for sale?
  17. David keohane
    David keohane mightydquinn
    Cheers pal, I'll put my name down now for first offers on it! My new grey one is costing loads to get right at the moment, next thing is the arches, its rotting quite badly. still wondering how much money to throw at this problem.
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  18. David keohane
    David keohane mightydquinn
    It was a photo from the 25 year anniversary meet, where everyone signed the white GTIR bonnet. I absolutely love your car, it's my favourite one that I have seen. I was asking about it which is how I know so much. The colour is amazing. If you ever decide to sell it, let me know. Ive had 4 of them now so it would go to a good home :) Ive just bought a grey one that I am restoring
    1. mightydquinn
      Lol, that's for the nice comments pal, that's nice of you to say! If I ever come to sell it I will let you know, although I have no plans to at the mo and I've had it about 9 years! I chose the colour from a Toyota i saw that I liked! I did wonder how you knew so much about it! Haha! Good luck with the grey one pal, I'm sure with having had so many of them you'll know what to do!!
      Feb 28, 2017
  19. David keohane
    David keohane mightydquinn
    I saw the dark blue one on your profile and I haven't seen any other car like it, if it's the one I am thinking of, the car has a quaife gear box and running about 450 bhp?
    1. mightydquinn
      Yes, thats the one, 472BHP! although it's about zero at the mo with it requiring a block now! It seems you all know nearly as much about it as I do! lol! Did it look nice in the photo on Bob's wall!? Good job I like him with him having a picture of it up, haha!!!
      Feb 24, 2017
  20. David keohane
    David keohane mightydquinn
    is your car the blue one in the photos on Bob's wall? (GTI-R-US)
    1. mightydquinn
      Maybe pal, but I don't know to be honest, I've never been!! We have been to the same shows and stuff though and i don't think there is any the same shade blue as mine!
      Feb 23, 2017